Grocery Store:
A full service Grocery market, we carry everything that caters to your day to day needs. We are a higher level of convenience and you will find everything from toilet paper to high end wine in our grocery section.


Prepared food:
Home Meal Replacement: (HMR). In today’s world, when cooking at home is not an option, our affordable grab and go section offers a variety of to go meals saving your family time and money.


Olive & Cheese:
Specialty and craft Olives and Cheese handpicked from around the world will add a fine touch to make your family get together and your date night more exciting.


Our charcuterie club and selection offers monthly, semi-annual and annual membership to our world of fine and specialty meats both deli and cured.


Our in house bakery makes everything from scratch and we bake daily products until it runs out to ensure freshness and maintain its artisanal aspect.


Beer and Wine Bar:
Our on tap array of craft beer selection with exclusive small producers wine list is a unique offering in town. Either drink with us or take it home with you.


Gelato Bar:
We produce small batches of craft gelato in house to bring you the best Italian experience.


Pour Over bar:
From seed to cup, we offer single origin high quality Arabica coffee in pour over style, brewed by our barista to perfection in front of your eyes.


Tea and Toast Bar:
Fine crafted and rare aged Tea brewed to perfection and daily served with our award winning spreads on our homemade bread is an entire experience in itself.


Nutella Bar:
Who does not love Nutella. Age no bar. Come spoil yourself.


Cannoli Bar:
Our house made cannoli with our signature mouth watering fillings.


We are a market style restaurant. From tacos, to pasta, check out our breakfast, lunch and Dinner offerings. It’s a one stop shop.